Ability Services


Accommodation Services

(Supported Independent Living - SIL)

CRANES believes that everyone should have the right to live with who they would like to, where they would like to and what services they need to remain living in their own home.

CRANES offers stability, security and a place to call home within their own community.  The support needs are based around the person’s goals. 

Sometimes Supported Independent Living (SIL) can be referred to as “Shared” or “Group Accommodation”.  At CRANES, we will work with the person to identify if they need 1:1 support or would like to share a home and live with other people. 

We will support the person to achieve their lifetime goals as well as build capacity to live independently by supporting the person to learn to cook a meal, clean the house, pay their bills, assist with personal care and other activities as selected by the person.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is suitable for people who are not able to live with their family or who want to be independent.

What will NDIS fund for Supported Independent Living?

The funding will provide workers to support you in the home with tasks such as daily living skills, budgeting, supports with personal care (dressing and showering), taking you to medical appointments etc.. 

The funding will not pay for rent, food, utilities, transport and other day-to-day expenses such as entertainment and activities.  This is the responsibility of you.  CRANES will work with you on the amounts for your rent and board and lodging that will assist you to pay for your own expenses.

How do I know if there are any vacancies?

Give CRANES a call and speak to the Accommodation Manager.  The Accommodation Manager will advise you on current and potential vacancies.



Short-Term Accommodation (STA)

Overnight Respite

CRANES can provide short-term accommodation either planned or in an emergency situation. 

CRANES has two properties that we can provide Short-Term Accommodation from.  A home away from home environment is provided while making sure that it meets the needs of each individual.  Each home is designed for either 1:1 support for those who require a little more support or would just like the company of the worker, to a larger home where you can spend time with other people of similar interests and ages.


CRANES promotes a sense of community belonging and it is our goal to make sure that you have a wonderful experience by trying new activities, meeting new people and from that, making lifetime friends.

Our staff will make sure that all personal support requirements for each person are met while staying at one of our houses.

The support can be provided to both children and adults.  All matching of people for larger groups are compatible with ages and similar interests.



Community, Social and Recreation

CRANES can support you to engage in community, social and recreational activities of your choice.  You may choose to do this one-to-one with a Lifestyle Worker or as part of a group. 

Group-based activities are a great way to build friendships and informal networks within your local community.


One of our Coordinators will work with you to develop a plan that will assist you to meet your goals and link in with community-based activities and groups of your choice.



NDIS Plan Management

Plan Management is about giving people increased control and choice over their NDIS plan.  As your Plan Manager we will ensure that you have a clear understanding of your NDIS plan and how you can use your funding most effectively to meet your goals. 

We will monitor your budget, assist you in understanding your service level agreements and pay providers, including non-registered NDIS providers of your choice for goods and services delivered in line with your plan.



Hubs & Clubs

CRANES Hubs and Clubs service operates in Grafton and Yamba.  The service has a meeting place where you come together with other people and then you can choose to remain in centre and participate in activities such as pampering, music therapy, cooking, arts, craft, learning opportunities such as cyber safety, money skills and health and wellbeing, games or an activity identified by you or the group. 

CRANES will also assist you to access the community to be involved in community events and activities such as joining the gym, kayaking on the Clarence River, shopping, movies, day trips to the surrounding areas of the Clarence, being a part of the Big River Amateur Theatre production, the list is endless.  CRANES will build a program that promotes inclusion and participation. 

CRANES will work with you to work towards meeting your goals contained in your NDIS plan.



NDIS Support Coordination

Coordination of supports is designed to support people to strengthen their ability to broaden their systems of support.  This support is designed to assist people to direct their lives as well as supports. This may include resolving points of crisis and developing resilience in the persons network. 

As your Support Coordinator, CRANES will assist you to understand and implement your plan.  We will work with you to understand service level agreements and how your NDIS funding works.  We will assist you to build skills to effectively liaise with other service providers and strengthen your ability to access services.



Domestic & Yard Services (Sparkle Flock)

CRANES can assist you to care for your home just the way you like it.  We want to assist people to be able to live independently in their homes by providing assistance with household duties to ensure that your home stays safe and well maintained.  

Whether you need the floors cleaned, lawns mowed, or beds changed, our experienced staff will be there to assist you.  We understand that everyone likes tasks performed differently and our coordinators will work with you to develop a plan for services on how you would like things done.

Your NDIS plan can fund this or you can pay for this service privately.  A no obligation free quote can be provided to you should you choose to pay for this not from your plan.



Daily Life - 1:1 Support

CRANES believes that this option of service provides you with the greatest flexibility to meet your goal.  The list of services is endless…..

CRANES 1:1 support is about assisting you to meet your individual NDIS goals, whether it be learning to cook, socialising, attending the gym, supporting you on a holiday out of town; we can support you to make that goal a reality. 

One of our Coordinators will work with you to develop a program that suits your individual needs and goals.  This program has so much to offer and with creative planning your dreams and goals can become a reality. 

CRANES will work with you to guarantee that the Lifestyle Worker that supports you matches your needs.



Brokerage Services

CRANES can provide you with the service of your choice at a fee-for-service rate. 

This can be for Short Term Accommodation, Support in the community 1:1 or in a group setting, support around and in your home using our Sparkle Flock Service. 

The choice is endless, and the support is tailored to suit your needs. 

You can make contact with CRANES and speak to a Coordinator who will talk to you and provide you with a no obligation free quote.